Supraspinatus: Anatomy and Biomechanics

Supraspinatus (SSP) is one of the four rotator cuff muscles. It originates in the supraspinatus fossa, superior portion of the scapula (shoulder blade), just above the spine of the scapula. It passes laterally underneath the acromion process to insert in the superior facet and superior ½ of middle facet of […]

Plyometric training is not a jump training; Training guidelines

The main challenges of creating and implementing the plyometric training are; Preparing an athlete for training base-level requirements. Choosing correct exercise, and technique. Choosing correct intensity and progression of intensity. Eligibility criteria for plyometric training Not many studies have done to form the definite clinical guidelines on training baseline requirements […]

Plyometric Training is not a Jump Training.

I practiced plyometric training for myself and prescribed this training for many amateur and professional athletes. I was practicing and prescribing this effective technique in a wrong or ineffective way for a while until I decided to dig into it more and justify my work with scientific rationale. I believe […]

Exercising Cancer Patients? Some considerations to exercise prescription

Speck et al performed a systematic review of controlled physical activity in cancer survivors. The study reviewed 82 research works and showed a significant effect of exercises in cancer survivors, during and after treatment. A large effect was shown on upper and lower body strength and a moderate effect on […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 3

Figures Figure 1.a. Ground reaction force in X direction showing GRF in forward and backward directions. Figure 1.b. Ground reaction force in Y direction showing GRF in sideways movement. Figure 1.c. Ground reaction force in Z direction showing GRF in vertical (up and down) direction. Figure 2.a. Ankle Angle Figure […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 2

Results The total height of the jump performed was 0.2446 m with the impulse and velocity of 152.8503 and 2.1908 m/sec respectively. Ground reaction forces Ground reaction force in the Z direction is positive throughout the jump with a little drop at the beginning of the take-off phase which then […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 1

Introduction Vertical jumping ability is an essential motor skill in many sporting, athletic and daily activities. It is common in many sports to perform loaded or unloaded jump series for better performance and explosive strength. This is the reason why many studies have analyzed the vertical jump from a physical […]