Safe and Effective Participation of Youth athlete in Resistance Training

  Today people of all ages are aware of health and fitness. Children and adolescents are active in different fitness and sporting activities that require healthy muscle strength, agility, and balance in their school based sporting activities. So, there is a significant increase in the participation of young athletes in […]

Respiratory problems in the child with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) in a child is often known for its varying degrees of movement disorder, positional or mobility issues. However, impaired thoracic mobility causing respiratory issues in the child with CP is one of the major and life threatening problems. The biomechanically coordinated motion of the thorax that occurs […]

Baby’s First Six Months Developmental Milestones Checklist

  One Month Movement/Physical Development Baby can elevate head momentarily with minimum forearm support There is a decreased physiological flexion Cannot hold head, head flops backward if unsupported Keeps hands in tight fists with indwelling thumb most of the time Can track a moving object with head side to side […]