Baby’s First Six Months Developmental Milestones Checklist


One Month

Movement/Physical Development

  • Baby can elevate head momentarily with minimum forearm support
  • There is a decreased physiological flexion
  • Cannot hold head, head flops backward if unsupported
  • Keeps hands in tight fists with indwelling thumb most of the time
  • Can track a moving object with head side to side
  • Keeps head usually to a side
  • Can make jerky, quivering limb movements. Reciprocal and symmetrical arm thrusts and kicking
  • Able to bring hands up to the range of eyes and mouth
  • Shows primary walking reflexes in supported standing
  • Strong reflex actions

Senses (visual, hearing, smell, touches and sounds/language) developments    

  • Eyes keep wandering around and can focus up to 8-12 inches (20.3-30.4cm) away
  • Focuses or likes black and white or high contrast patterns
  • Hearing is well-developed or fully mature
  • Able to recognize few common sounds and thus may turn toward familiar sounds or voices
  • Prefers sweet smells rather than bitter or acidic
  • Likes a gentle soothing touch

Developmental milestones watch (Talk to your doctor)

  • Baby is sucking poorly and feeding slowly
  • There is no sign of blinking even with a bright light
  • Show no interest to focus and follow a nearby object moving towards and away.
  • Baby is mostly very calm and shows no sign of limb movements
  • Baby looks too floppy. Very loose limbs and trunk muscles
  • Baby is not responding to loud sounds
  • Continuous crying, shivering


Two Months

Movement/Physical Development

  • Baby can elevate head to 450 in prone (lying on tummy).
  • Limbs movement becomes smoother
  • Does not accept weight on lower extremities (Atasia-Abasia)
  • Head bobs (move up and down) in supported sitting


Senses Development

  • Turn head towards sound
  • Coos, makes gurgling sounds

Social and Emotional Developments

  • Responds to friendly handling
  • Begins to smile or response at people
  • Baby is learning to calm herself briefly (may bring hands to mouth and suck on hands)

Cognitive developments

  • Can be alert on few preferred things like common faces
  • Can show some expressions like brightening when happy, crying or being fussy when not too happy
  • Begin to follow preferred or sharp contrast colored objects with eyes


Developmental milestones watch (Talk to your doctor)

  • Does not respond to or smile at people
  • Shows no interest in things as they move
  • Is not bringing her hands to mouth and suck.
  • Is not able to elevate head while on tummy or not able to push up when on tummy

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