Baby’s First Six Months Developmental Milestones Checklist

Three Months

Movement/Physical Development

  • Raises head to 900
  • Can elevate chest when lying on stomach by pushing up through hands and forearm
  • Prone on elbows with elbows in line with shoulder
  • Can support upper body with arms when lying on stomach
  • Able to grasp and shake hand toys
  • Able to open and close hands
  • Can stretch legs and push down with feet when placed on a firm surface
  • Holds head in midline and hands on chest when lying on stomach
  • Baby tries to take on some weight on supported standing with toes curled
  • On supported sitting, head control is improving, there is increased back extension with scapular adduction

Senses Development

  • Optical and labyrinthine head-righting present.
  • Looks at people or objects with more attention. Able to recognize familiar objects and people at a distance
  • Turns head toward the direction of sound quickly and precisely
  • Hand-eye coordination is much better
  • Baby starts babbling or tries to imitate some familiar sounds

Developmental milestones watch (Talk to your doctor)

  • Does not babble at all
  • Does not respond to loud noise, familiar sounds or familiar objects
  • Does not follow moving objects with eyes
  • Not able to move one or both eyes in all directions
  • Does not try to play or notice her hands
  • Does not try to grasp or hold toys.
  • No expressions or no smile at people
  • Does not push herself up or does not elevate head when lying on stomach
  • Does not push down with her feet when placed against firm surface

Four months

Movement/Physical Development

  • Sits with support and holds head steady
  • Able to roll to side from prone (lying on stomach) or supine (lying on back)
  • Able to hold head up in pull to sit
  • Baby reaches to toys with both hands, palm facing down (forearm pronated and trunk supported)
  • Ulnar-palmar grasp

Social and Emotional Development

  • Likes to play more with people
  • Able to copy some movements and facial expressions like smiling or making funny faces

Cognitive and senses Development

  • Improvements in what she had in 3 months.
  • She is more able to express if she is happy or sad
  • Improved hand and eye co-ordination. For example reaching for a toy she is looking at.

Developmental milestones watch (Talk to your Doctor)

  • Baby does not try to reach for toys
  • Not able to hold head steady
  • Does not make coos or make any sound
  • Does not smile or show interest to people
  • Baby is not pushing his legs down when placed against a firm surface

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