Never Too Late

Never Too Late to rehab Rehab Another powerful movie from the CSP. Proud to be Physiotherapists. Rehab. Rehab matters.

Rehab Matters

Rehab Matters Rehab matters – Amazing, inspiring, and power film released by Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. #Rehab Matters#

Pupilscreen; an app to diagnose concussion

A concussion is one of the fields where a number of researchers around the world are working on for better assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Often athletes lose their lives or end up living a life with various degrees of disability due to poor assessment, miss diagnosis, delayed presentation, or […]

cooler temperature linked to tackling type 2 diabetes

Cooler temperatures linked to tackling type 2 diabetes

Lowering the central heating temperature by just one degree Centigrade could ease the effects of type 2 diabetes, a new study has suggested. “The health benefits from a short exposure to a more varied temperature range will redefine our expectations on thermal comfort. In turn, this will change our practices […]