Consensus statement on concussion in sport; Berlin, October, 2016.

A must read and must download resource on concussion in sport. Consensus statement on concussion in sport – the 5th international conference on concussion in sport held in Berlin, October 2016. Click below links to download free available PDF files. 2017 Concussion in Sport Consensus Statement “The 2017 Concussion in […]

Evidence Based Physiotherapy Approach for Frozen Shoulder. Post III

Read previous posts here: Post I Post II  B) Second phase: adhesive, frozen, stiffness or transitional stage During this stage, there will be no worsening of pain but will be a significant progressive loss of ROM in a capsular pattern. Thus, the treatment protocol is more aggressive. Joint mobilization and […]

Evidence Based Physiotherapy Approach for Frozen Shoulder. Post II

Read Post I here:  Evidence-based physiotherapy approach for frozen shoulder. Post I   Therapist should be able to customize the rehabilitation program based on each individual symptoms and clinical stage of the frozen shoulder A) Initial Phase; acute, freezing or painful stage Since this is a painful stage any activities […]

Evidence Based Physiotherapy Approach for Frozen Shoulder. Post I

Frozen shoulder is a debilitating condition with a painful and significantly restricted range of motions of the shoulder joint. Clinically known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder can lead to disability generally lasting anywhere from 1 – 24 months (Page et al 2010). However, many patients may never fully recover from […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 3

Figures Figure 1.a. Ground reaction force in X direction showing GRF in forward and backward directions. Figure 1.b. Ground reaction force in Y direction showing GRF in sideways movement. Figure 1.c. Ground reaction force in Z direction showing GRF in vertical (up and down) direction. Figure 2.a. Ankle Angle Figure […]