Physical Jobs are not enough for cardiovascular Fitness.

Often patients mention that they don’t need to exercise outside of work because they have physical enough jobs. The physical activity paradox: six reasons why occupational physical activity (OPA) does not confer the cardiovascular health benefits that leisure-time physical activity does. Link: Andreas Holtermann,1,2 Niklas Krause,3 Allard J van der Beek,4 […]

Evidence on treatment and prevention of acute and recurrent ankle sprain.

Cailbhe Doherty and colleagues performed a systematic review with meta-analysis of 46 papers examining strategies for treating and preventing acute and recurrent ankle sprains. This review found the strong evidence for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and early mobilization for effective management of pain, swelling and function after an acute sprain. Whereas […]

Neuroendocrine Response Following a Thoracic Spinal Manipulation in Healthy Men.

Study Design Controlled laboratory study. Background Spinal manipulation (SM) can trigger a cascade of responses involving multiple systems, including the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine system, specifically, the hypothalamic-pituitary axis. However, no manual therapy study has investigated the neuroendocrine response to SM (ie, sympathetic nervous system-hypothalamic-pituitary axis) in the […]