Baby’s First Six Months Developmental Milestones Checklist

Five Months

Movement/Physical Development

  • Baby is now able to roll from prone (lying on tummy) to supine (lying on back)
  • Can keep her head controlled and steady on supported sitting
  • Can shift her weight from one forearm to other in prone

Six Months

6-month baby sitting

Movement/Physical Development

  • Yes, finally your baby is able to sit independently.
  • Roles prone to supine and supine to prone. So, baby loves to roll over in both directions i.e. front to back, back to front.
  • Baby tries to push herself up with prone on hands with elbows extended. She may also be able to shift weight from hand to hand.
  • Able to pull to stand with hands held
  • Bears some weight on legs when standing with hands held or support and enjoys bouncing
  • Baby may start crawling backward before she becomes a crawler

Senses Development

  • Starts making some sounds like eh, oh, m,b etc
  • Responds to sounds by trying to copy and making sounds
  • Tries to look around and shows interest in new things around
  • Make different sounds to show his needs or if she is happy or sad
  • Likes to feel different texture toys like hard, soft, spongy, etc.
  • Develops the sense of his own name and responds to call

Social and Cognitive Development

  • Likes to socialize and play with others, especially with parents and other familiar faces
  • Enjoys his favorite toys among others
  • Parents need to be more careful as she is very quick to bring things in mouth
  • More curious and tries to explore around. Tries to reach beyond her capability

Developmental Milestones Watch (Talk to your Doctor)

  • Watch for baby’s muscle tone. Make sure she is not too fluffy or stiff
  • Not able to sit independently or at least stable in supported sitting
  • Shows no interest in play time, toys, people around
  • Does not respond to a call or sounds around
  • Does not make any sounds
  • Does not try to reach the things
  • Does not show any affection for the parents or other carers
  • Not able to pull up with hands held or not taking any weight on legs when standing supported

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