Effects and benefits of regular physical activity

Active people live longer and have a better quality of life.




Strengthens the heart, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system Reduces the risk of cardiorespiratory disease and improves endurance. Therefore, can work or play longer, improve performance and success.
Improves heart efficiency and controls blood pressure Reduces the events of heart diseases or strokes. Enables a person to perform daily living activities, work or other sporting or recreational activities at a higher intensity, for a longer duration with greater efficiency and ease. Reduces doctors’ visit, hospitalizations, and pharmacy bills and hence saves a lot of money.

Decreases body fat

Reduces body fat or cholesterol, the greatest enemy of your life, a healthy life → reduces the risk of hundreds of diseases including major life threatening diseases like stroke, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension etc. Keeps you flexible, and get going. Can enjoy your favorite sports, play with your kids and have fun.
Increases HDL “GOOD” cholesterol and decreases LDL “BAD” cholesterol Reduces cardiovascular diseases
Regulates glucose mechanism Lowers the risk of diabetes. Improves energy level. Hence, better performance.
Strong musculoskeletal system: Improves biomechanical alignment, balance, range of motion → reduces risk of injuries, fractures, dislocations, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis → improves body physique and a more toned appearance → makes you feel smarter, active and confidence
Improved metabolism Utilizes maximum of input, what you eat or drink → maintain calorie demands to get the works done → improves weight management
Improves core strength by strengthening the abdominal and back muscle Improves posture and stability and thus reduces risks of fall injuries, back pain, work or recreational injuries

Improves joint stability and increases the strength of all connective tissues

Makes you strong and flexible → reduces risk of injuries → improves balance, coordination and agility → makes work or activities or functions easier.
Improves psychological or mental health Better self-image and self-esteem, better abstract and critical thinking power. Also, improves memory power.
Reduces depression and anxiety Makes you feel better, stress free, happy → enjoy all activities, makes you social person, improves quality of life
Helps in stress management, improves positive thinking The best way to deal with your stress, anxiety or worries → enables to enjoy life → overall better quality of everyday life.


In the nutshell, physical activity not only improves physical health but also improves one’s social, mental and emotional health. Therefore, there should not be any excuses of whatsoever for not doing your regular exercises or physical activities. Adopting a positive mindset and a CAN-DO attitude helps to attain the fitness goal and thus to live a healthy and a happy life.


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