Clinical Presentation of Adhesive Capsulitis

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints with an extraordinary range of motion (ROM). Adhesive capsulitis is a benign, self-limiting musculoskeletal condition that has a disabling capability. Adhesive capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder causes pain and restriction of ROM of ≥ 25% in at least two […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 3

Figures Figure 1.a. Ground reaction force in X direction showing GRF in forward and backward directions. Figure 1.b. Ground reaction force in Y direction showing GRF in sideways movement. Figure 1.c. Ground reaction force in Z direction showing GRF in vertical (up and down) direction. Figure 2.a. Ankle Angle Figure […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 2

Results The total height of the jump performed was 0.2446 m with the impulse and velocity of 152.8503 and 2.1908 m/sec respectively. Ground reaction forces Ground reaction force in the Z direction is positive throughout the jump with a little drop at the beginning of the take-off phase which then […]

Study on Counter Movement Jump Performance in a Force Platform – Part 1

Introduction Vertical jumping ability is an essential motor skill in many sporting, athletic and daily activities. It is common in many sports to perform loaded or unloaded jump series for better performance and explosive strength. This is the reason why many studies have analyzed the vertical jump from a physical […]

Rating of Perceived Exertion – RPE Scale

Rating of Perceived Exertion – RPE Scale The best way to live a healthy life is to stay active and exercise regularly. But how do you evaluate your fitness level or how do you know if your health status is improving with the exercises? Among many methods, using Rating of […]

Safe and Effective Participation of Youth athlete in Resistance Training

  Today people of all ages are aware of health and fitness. Children and adolescents are active in different fitness and sporting activities that require healthy muscle strength, agility, and balance in their school based sporting activities. So, there is a significant increase in the participation of young athletes in […]

The Impact of Manipulation Therapy on Pain Experience

Bialoskyet al (2008) proposes a model of neurophysiological mechanisms in an attempt to explain the impact of Manipulation Therapy (MT) on pain experience in individuals. Within this model, a ‘spinal cord mediated’ mechanism is considered. This theory is supported by citation of a paper by Maliszaet al(2003) who demonstrated (using MRI) […]

Normal and Abnormal Patterns of Respiration

Respiratory Physiotherapy is an integral part of ay rehabilitation protocol. Respiratory physiotherapy is the foremost therapeutic intervention to any rehabilitation program following prolonged bed rest due to whatever cause of illness or injury or surgical intervention. A proper examination of respiration is crucial for effective respiratory therapy. Usually, four parameters […]